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Barcelona falls in love with Julie Atherton singing… allMUSICALS

The British actress offered an intimate yet spectacular concert at Barcelona´s Auditori, with Nina, Daniel Anglès and David Ordinas as guest artists.

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Julie Atherton offered last night at Barcelona´s Auditori Sala Oriol Martorell a magical evening. Among the  public who attended the concert there were musical theatre lovers as well as many professionals of the genre who didn´t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the West End artist performance.

With the brilliant contribution of musical director, composer and arranger Mark Collins at the piano, Atherton began the concert with a song well known by all musical theatre lovers: "Popular"  from WICKED, which immediately captured the audience. Then, the British actress advanced in exclusive for Barcelona audience a song from her new album `No Space for Air´which will be release on June, 6th. "Never Saw Blue" is a beautiful ballad that made the artist even drop a tear...

The next song was received with great expectation among people in the audience, for it was from Jonathan Larson´s musical TICK TICK... BOOM!. Julie Atherton starred last year in this musical. When introducing the the song "Come To Your Senses", Atherton explained as anecdote an small accident that she suffered on the musical´s opening night, which left a lifelong scar on her leg. The British artist was very friendly with the audience all the evening, making jokes and explaining in detail the origin of the songs she performed.  

After the Larson song, it was the turn of the first duet of the night. David Ordinas (BLOOD BROTHERS, THE FANTASTICKS, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) went onstage to sing with Julie Atherton "The Next Ten Minutes" from THE LAST 5 YEARS, by Jason Robert Brown. After that, Ordinas, who appreciated the opportunity to sing with Atherton, performed a theme from his new show EL BROADWAY DESCONEGUT (UNKNOWN BROADWAY). Joined at the piano by Cindy Izzillo, the actor from Mallorca sang "Els carrers de Dublin" ("The Streets of Dublin", from A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE, by Stephen Flaherty).  

With an standing ovation, David Ordinas left the stage and gave way again to Julie Atherton, who continued the concert with another song by Jason Robert Brown: "Climbing Uphill" from THE LAST 5 YEARS. The comic side of the actress was revealed on this theme as well on some other songs that she sang during the evening, causing great laughters from the audience and earning loud applause.

The next two songs performed by Atherton were the emotional "Letting You Go" -also by Robert Brown, a theme the actress explained she first heard sung by Lauren Kennedy but that was originally written for Philip Quast- and the funny "My Simple Christmas Wish" -from the CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK concert series-.

Then it was the turn for a classic musical, MISS SAIGON. Julie Atherton explained that she fell in love with this show the first time she heard the recording many years ago, and at that moment she immediately thought she would love to perform the main character someday. But when she saw the musical in theatre, she was disappointed because she understood that, for obvious reasons, she never would be able to perform that role. So, Atherton continued explaining to the audience, at least this evening she would have the opportunity to sing one song from MISS SAIGON. Atherton introduced Daniel Anglès (RENT, MERRILLY WE ROLL ALONG, HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH) to sing with her "Sun And Moon", and they both performed a duet full of chemistry and magic. After that, Julie Atherton left the stage once more and Daniel Anglès sang, in a very emotional way, the song "Out There" from the Disney movie THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME.  Anglès was joined at the piano by Sergi Cuenca.

Julie Atherton came back to the stage with a little surprise for her friend and British actor Jon Lee (OLIVER!, LES MISERABLES), who was among the audience. Atherton said that April 26th was Lee´s birthday, so she encouraged the audience to sing the popular "Happy Birthday". After this personal dedication, Julie Atherton continued her performance with "Taylor The Latte Boy", a fun song penned by musical theatre composers Zina Goldrich and Marc Heisler. Next, Atherton introduced a theme from her first album `A Girl of Few Words´: "Be Careful", and again a song from  Goldrich & Heisler: "The Morning After", also in an humorous tone.

Then it was time for the third and last duet of the evening. Catalan actress Nina (MAMMA MIA!, COMPANY, MARRY ME A LITTLE) went onstage to perform next to Julie Atherton a medley from MAMMA MIA! This is a show with special significance for both actresses: Julie Atherton made her West End debut as Sophie in MAMMA MIA!, and Nina currently plays the role of Donna in the Spanish production of the musical. Nina wanted to thank Sergi Cuenca for his effort on creating the musical arrangements for the medley. Julie Atherton and Nina alternated English and Spanish to sing songs as "I Have a Dream", "Siento que se aleja", "Thank You for the Music", "Mamma Mia", "Va todo al ganador" or "The Name of the Game". The audience greeted this medley with enormous enthusiasm, and the two actresses shown a mutual admiration onstage.    

Before singing her solo, Nina congratulated todoMUSICALES for its two years online, and thanked its team for the work done in all this time. Then, the artist performed in a sublime way the song "Com si mai no haguéssim dit adéu" ("As If We Never Said Goodbye", from SUNSET BOULEVARD). Nina said she hoped that someday this musical could be performed in Spain, a request that the audience supported immediately with an ovation. Finally, Nina thanked Daniel Anglès for his amazing adaptation to Catalan of this Lloyd Webber´s song.

Nearing the end of the concert, Julie Atherton performed two more songs: "Wait a Bit" from JUST SO by Drewe and Stiles; and "In A Disney Way" by young composer Michael Bruce, an ironic and sarcastic theme sung brilliantly by the British actress, who earned enthusiastic applause from the audience.  

Before the final goodbye, Julie Atherton thanked all people who attended the concert, as well as the participation of David Ordinas, Daniel Anglès and Nina. She also congratulated todoMUSICALES for its anniversary. In turn, the audience thanked Julie´s performance with a standing ovation. The actress appeared onstage once more to perform an encore: the theme  "There´s a Fine, Fine Line" from AVENUE Q. This song closed a memorable concert for all those who had the opportunity to enjoy it.

During the nearly two-hour concert, Julie Atherton proved why she is considered the most outstanding young star of the West End. Her magic on stage, her gentleness, her poise, her captivating voice, her energy, her humour and her passion for the genre make her a unique artist able to conquer all type of audiences.

It was a night full of magic, harmony and chemistry. There was a unique communion between artists from our country and artists from the West End… Sure this will be the first of many other nights!

Sergi Cuenca at the piano, Julie Atherton and Nina

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